Healer Non Grata

July 22, 2010

It’s been a while, a long while! And between posting here and then not posting here I put WoW on the back-burner. For almost two months, I didn’t play at all. But then my fiancé was invited to join an accomplished guild that had been around since Vanilla and was reforming. (Perhaps more on this later.) They needed healers, too. So, with my account reactivated, I found myself in ICC again.

At first, everything is peachy. I’m a happy little bubble tossing discipline priest, but we merge with Rage, sort of the raiding guild on the server. That’s ok though. I’m ok, anyway. We have too many discipline priests in the guild, so either the officer or the recruit has to go holy. That lucky priest is the recruit, me. So I do my research and re-gem some, but no one is impressed with my numbers. But so far, still doing pretty good. I go to fights I’m familiar with, and I don’t die very often…

Until we de-merge.

We do regular Sindragosa 25. I die, but the guild makes it through without me. Sindrago 10, I die. Lich King– I don’t die. Yay! Dead Lich King! Heroic Sindragosa 25? I die, die, DIE!

At this point, my Healing CL– let’s call him, umm, Lactose thinks having two discipline priests isn’t so bad since we’ve picked up a better holy priest. Last night we did heroic Dreamwalker, and I was a happy holy priest. For heroic Sindragosa, I was asked to go disc. Normally, I would be thrilled, but I continually died to blistering cold. I didn’t die every time, only twice, but I died because of lag. (I have a pretty awful internet connection since I moved back to my hometown a couple of months ago.) So I switched back to holy so I could get out of blistering cold via Body and Soul. To sum it up, I didn’t die to blistering cold after that, but my heals fell behind until I was at the bottom of the healers– several of us healers below my fiancé, Sunstrike, who is a ret paladin.  I died once to Backlash when two people failed to get in the correct places for the ice tombs. I died two or three times to Unchained Magic,  and only one was my fault. After I killed myself that way, I was very careful to watch for the debuff to fall away.

There really isn’t much else to say about it. I was humiliated. I wanted to log off halfway through night, throw in the towel. I couldn’t seem to stop dying to stupid things. Overall, my heals weren’t so good and my survivability was terrible. But I thought there were moments when I did really well. I lived and healed until we got Sindragosa to one percent health. But my fellow raiders don’t see it that way. They remember me dying when it counted–literally, those times when Lactose read out every mistake after we wiped. I don’t recall my mistakes being first on the list, almost always at the end, but every time he read them out, he mentioned Lucasta.

So now I’m in a pickle. One bad night has made me healer non grata. Lactose and I have become friends, but he told me (after I asked) that if other healers were on, he would pick them over me until I started to improve. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t pick me either. But he did say something nice. I wish I had preserved the conversation, but basically,

“If I didn’t already have respect for you, I would respect you now because of your willingness to talk about this and your calm, rationalized responses to every one of my criticisms tonight.”

Yeah, very cheesy. But, seriously…

He also reassured me that I’m not the worst healer in the guild. I may not be the best, but I am smart and have a care. I’m just so embarrassed. I do not know if I can bounce back from that. I am not even sure I am strong enough to try. Part of me really might like to crawl  in a hole until the Cataclysm. And to be honest, I’m sure that no one in my guild would miss me right now.


Lulu’s Late Night Antics ™

October 6, 2009

Ok, when I started this post I didn’t realize that the add-on I had to copy conversations was faulty, so I’ll have to fix it later. I just can’t pass up sharing the conversation I just had with my guildees, so I’ll try to recall it as best I can.

[Guild] Me: OMG, B saw my tacky joke!
[Guild] Rasa: What joke?
[Guild] Me: The joke I shall not repeat.
[Guild] Me: nope, not gonna do it Read the rest of this entry »


A Reaffirmation of Sorts

September 18, 2009

I spend a great deal of my WoW time running battlegrounds and working on achievements- most I can do on my own. Rarely do I run heroics or raid because I loathe PUGs as a healer. PUGs are dangerous things to a sensitive healer, a healer quick to guilt herself as they are notorious, in my eyes at least, for vitriol, especially as they will ignorantly and vehemently turn on the healer. It’s not such a big deal really, but the idea of that sort of abuse is enough to make me hesitate. I need at least one person I know or am acquainted with to run heroics. A wingman.

Not that battlegrounds are really any better, but at least I have anonymity. Plus, it’s almost always due to poor or non-existent teamwork.

I need to raid Naxx for gear and practice my dewy holy spec, but my guild carries me off to Ulduar instead, encourages and advises me along the way. My current raiding guild now is not unlike my first raiding guild on my warlock. It’s a casual guild full of people who know one another, except I don’t really know these guys. I’m slowly learning their names, but I do feel accepted and never threatened. That, to me, is the most important part of being in a guild. It’s a great relief to be in that sort of environment.

Not that I need to be coddled. Not that they are a bunch of carebears.

Not that most of them are exceptional at PVP. Not that I am either, but I’d like to learn to be.

Which, for the most part, is what this blog is about.


When There Are No Words

June 28, 2009

…because I’m too sleepy, I’ll resort to pictures.

Lu in her Turbo Charged Flying Machine

Lu in her Turbo Charged Flying Machine

And now I’m broke, but it’s not because I built the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. I’ll blog about it when I’m not irrevocably exhausted.

PS: Now when I use the word irrevocably I cannot help but think of Twilight. T_T



June 16, 2009

Lucasta is in her “eightieth season” or level 80 as of last night! After I dinged in Icecrown, I spent the next four hours getting some gear, gemming, enchanting, etc..

Its not much, but it is a start.

It's not much, but it is a start.

I was just a few thousand points shy of 49,600 honor, so I turned in as many badges as I could. I highly recommend waiting until 80 to turn in badges. There’s a big difference between the honor reward prior and the 80 honor reward. In the end, I had about fifty-two thousand points– more than enough for Hateful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Robe. Since I had these shoulders, I donned them, but I admit I lost mana and stamina because of it. Still, resilience is yummy, and I will be stacking resilience at first until it is around eight hundred or more.

Last but not least from the acquisitions department, Sunstrike crafted this little beauty for me with mats I farmed and others I bought. It’s a nice starter weapon, but for PVE I’m sure I’ll pick up something better soon (and will write about it then). Which reminds me, I have a few posts in mind, one of which is very truant given Lu’s status change.


A Lesson in Utility

June 12, 2009

So I went out of town for a few days, and it completely threw off my schedule, including my intent to blog. I did, however, play and play a lot since I’ve returned. In fact, Monday night I ran regular Violet Hold- a first as discipline. (I think I mentioned before that my PVE spec since dual-spec release was holy.)

And I was bad.

Ok, so no one died! But I used Renew. I used Renew a lot. I was a naughty, Renewing discipline priest. Still, I never ran OOM during the entire instance. But…

Ok, so the group almost died once, but then I pulled the shiny Prayer of Mending out just at the last second, and VOILA! We downed Xevozz, and I mentally and silently groveled at the feet of my fellow party members. Maybe the level 80 shadow priest and the other level 78s had something to do with it, but at level 76 I learned right then, Prayer of Mending is my new best friend. And bubbles, of course! Bubbles for everyone, but I would never leave off the bubbles. Cuz I’m a bubble addict, didn’t ya notice?

Anyway, now I’m using Prayer of Mending every time it’s off cooldown in PVE. So that’s it for my valuable lesson this week and tonight’s post.

P.S.: As a testament to playing so much since my return, Lucasta is level 78 now, and she has her epic mount and cold weather flying, and that is so partly because of a very generous and totally awesome Sunstrike.


Obligatory Introduction

June 3, 2009

WordPress is wonderful; it allows me to manage multiple blogs under one login. As such, I have given in to one of my little internal monsters and decided to start a blog  about my WoW experiences, specifically my experiences with my discipline priest. I decided to do this last night while I was browsing through a myriad collection of blogs by other priests. (In a few minutes I will shamelessly plug the links for said inspirations in a nice link category. Gogo!)

I started my priest in the autumn of 2008. From the very beginning, Lu– my priest, was a discipline priest- not shadow, not holy. Well, OK, I picked up holy with my dual spec when dual spec first released, but as of today, I ditched my holy pve spec in lieu of a pve disc spec. Now I’m disc all the way, babe! I love discipline. I’m comfortable with it in a way I’ve never been with any other class or spec. When Lu hit twenty, I didn’t decline duels like I did with my other toons; I welcomed them. I relished them.

But as I near 80, discipline looks daunting. It’s difficult to find information. There is so much information, but rarely ever is the information I find in a language I can understand such as: layman, neophyte, nub, or n00b. I’m not stupid; I’m inexperienced.

And I don’t belong to a guild! My friends and fellow guild members have pretty much disappeared from the server. The GMs of my beloved little guild quit the game after our first and last Ulduar raid the week it released. Now my 10-man geared warlock does dailies and mines for my priest; her gear went from hot to not. I have no class leaders, no one to respect and follow, and no one to trust me to heal them. (I have one person for whom I play heal-heel or heal-bitch or whatever you call it, but he only PVPs.)

How can I possibly get raid invites when most of the realm population believe discipline priests to be inefficient in PVE? I don’t know, but I imagine I’ll be writing about that soon enough. Until then…