Lulu’s Late Night Antics ™

October 6, 2009

Ok, when I started this post I didn’t realize that the add-on I had to copy conversations was faulty, so I’ll have to fix it later. I just can’t pass up sharing the conversation I just had with my guildees, so I’ll try to recall it as best I can.

[Guild] Me: OMG, B saw my tacky joke!
[Guild] Rasa: What joke?
[Guild] Me: The joke I shall not repeat.
[Guild] Me: nope, not gonna do it
[Guild] Rasa: PWEEZE?
Jodah says something about ignoring it or something like that.
[Guild] Me: No. It’s the kinda joke that makes the guild’s late night airhead into the guild harlot.
[Guild] Jodah: We don’t think so little of you.
[Guild] Rasa: You can’t be the guild harlot.
[Guild] Taunka: Rasa’s the guild harlot.
[Guild] Rasa: Because I’m the guild harlot.
More chatter until I eventually cave in.
[Guild] Me: Ok, I won all the loot from the last boss. I offered to reroll on it. People declined. Jodah called me a loot ninja. I said I should switch to my ninja suit with the savory deviate delight since I’m currently wearing my pirate suit. I said I could make a tasteless joke but nevermind. I was prompted.
[Guild] Me: So I said it, even put quotes around it.
[Guild] Me: Ye can have me booty.
[Guild] B: LOL
[Guild] Rasa: LAWL
[Guild] Rasa: That’s my kinda joke.
[Guild] Jodah: I didn’t say anything.
[Guild] Me: There was silence.
[Guild] Me: So, I DIAF.
[Guild] Taunka: it made me smile
[Guild] Jodah: He’s lonely.
Guild Message of the Day: New guild quote: Ye can have me booty
[Guild] Taunka: haha
[Guild] Me: rofl
[Guild] Me: Sorry. I get silly when I’m sleepy.
Someone says something about me being drunk again, apparently a running joke for me when it’s late at night.
[Guild] Me: Yeah. I’m such a lush.
More guild chatter.
[Guild] Me: Alright, well that’s it for Lulu’s Late Night Antics. Until next time…
[Guild] Me: nini
Queue chorus of g’nights.
[Guild] Me: Lulu’s Late Night Antics(tm)
Lots of LOLs and more g’nights.

I stunned my party into silence or so it seemed at first. I died from shame for a moment, but they did ask for it. Indubitably. Literally. Twice.

Normally I’m very wary of sexual innuendo (coming from me at least) in WoW, but I feel rather safe with my guild. I’m not a guild diva, a guild princess, or a guild femme fatale. In fact, I typically distance myself from conversations and jokes related to sex. I want to stay far away from those stereotypes because I have been harassed for being female when I briefly was a hardcore raider. That’s probably why it was brief. It wasn’t that what was said was really offensive, it was that the attention (and all of it unwanted) I attracted from my fellow raiders distracted me and interfered with my ability to perform. I would receive so much spam from people during the raid that I would miss important instructions or events, and all of that spam had to do with my delicate gender. Usually after I screwed up, the same people who teased me and laughed it up in whispers would make abrasive remarks in the raid chat about how girls weren’t good enough to raid.

And it’s not like I asked for that attention. I made a few friends in that guild, and if I laughed at their jokes, that was between us, not those other people.

We recently lost some very good guild members due to another guild member’s rather dry sense of humor, and when he apologized to the guild for costing us those two good DPS, I thought about when I left that hardcore guild.

Just because you can talk to one of your guildmates one way, doesn’t mean you can talk to all of them that way. You can’t assume that it’s ok, that the near stranger or shiny new guildmate won’t mind. You don’t know them. You don’t know how they will react. Your relationship at that point is tenuous at best until you’ve spent some time working and playing with them and building up that repartee.

But that’s it for my tasteless pirate’s booty joke. Never again.


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